We can assist in navigating the complexity of the health care system.
Our services are used by older adults, their families and caregivers.
Referrals are made to us by professionals in the field of aging and by those with older adult clients.


We have many resources for you to utilize including helpful links, information on Medicaid, Home Care and much more! Call us today for help with your questions!

Laping, Surdej Associates, LLC

We Offer assessments, consultations, crisis intervention, plan implementation, advocacy and ongoing monitoring. We assist individuals, families and professionals with elderly clients. We provide guidance, compassion, understanding and emotional support. Our expertise is in home care, placement and eligibility for entitlement programs.
Clients come to us  for care planning before help is needed to get a sense of what services and options are available at what cost. Others call during a crisis. You can call when the time is right for you, though planning ahead is always the best-case scenario. Either way, being an informed consumer will arm you to make the best possible decisions.
Our plan of action is tailored to meet your needs. We’ll come to your home, meet at our office or at a hospital or other health care facility. Meetings can be a one-time consultation, periodic assessments or ongoing care management. Selected staff members are certified as court evaluators and are available for consultation in guardianship/Article 81 proceedings.
We’ve served Buffalo and its surrounding communities for many years, we know who to call and how to get things done. Because we’re a private company, you can rely on us for objective information and trust our professional judgment. We have no affiliations with service providers and offer an independent source of information, referrals and advocacy.