Services may include but are not limited to:

Initial Evaluations

  • Thorough review of client’s preferences and needs in the home or institution
  • Work with your familys current health care, legal and/or financial professionals or provide referral, as needed, to public and private services/agencies and professionals
  • Evaluation of social supports and of the psychological, medical, social, financial, and environmental status of the older person
  • Consideration of options available to meet needs and preferences of the older person and the family, and cost benefit analysis of those options
  • Advocacy to make services responsive to patient needs
  • Recommendations regarding specific services includ, as necessary, selection of institutions best suited to the needs of the client
  • Completion of assessments and paperwork required for institutional admissions
  • Medical evaluation or on-going medical care in an office or in the home may be arranged as appropriate
  • Evaluation of use of entitlements including Medicare and Medicaid
  • Written evaluations may be sent, which include a summary of findings along with recommendations for addressing preferences and needs of the client and family
  • Assistance will be provided as requested in implementing recommendations
  • We typically see the older person in his or her familiar setting for an initial evaluation


  • If families request single sessions to address specific issues, such sessions are held at locations convenient to all parties

On-going Monitoring

  • Follow up is done as requested by the client/family
  • Frequency of contacts depends upon assessment of need consistent with patient’s wishes, with sufficient frequency to monitor changes in status and respond to those changes with appropriate services
  • Periodic written reports evaluate progress and include additional suggestions to meet the client’s [changing] needs
  • When in-home services have been arranged, we represent the client to the provider to insure that the needs of the client are taken care of