Institutional Care

Institutional Care

There are many different options available for a senior who can’t or doesn’t wish to remain in their own home in the community. Among the options to consider are independent senior housing, assisted living and nursing home care.

Independent and Institutional Living Arrangements for Seniors

1. Remain in one’s own home

  • Services are available including home care, day programs, transportation lifelines, meals on wheels, etc.

2. Senior/Independent Housing

  • for people who can function independently or arrange for services to be brought to them
  • imited services may be included or available at extra charge e.g. meals, activities, medication passes
  • typically private pay; may be subsidized housing

3. Assisted or Assistive Living Facilities

Neither “Assisted living” nor “Assistive Living” is a regulated term. They often are marketing rather than level of care terms. The New York State Department Of Health is moving toward licensed and regulated all these types of facilities. Typically, these facilities provide rooms or apartments, some meals, housekeeping, supervision, and some assistance with personal care. It is appropriate to ask about the level of care provided rather than the marketing term used.

4. Adult Home (AH) or Enriched Housing Programs (EHP)

  • facilities provide rooms or small apartments
  • meals, housekeeping, supervision, some help with personal care, assistance with medications
  • may have specialized units e.g. dementia units
  • residents must be able to stand up by themselves
  • NOT covered by Medicaid

5. Assisted Living Programs (ALPs)

  • typically assisted living programs provide rooms or apartments and three meals daily, housekeeping, supervision, some help with personal care (more than adult care facilities) and assistance with medications
  • residents require more help than those in adult care facilities and less help than those in nursing homes
  • Medicaid, perhaps in combination with SSI, can apply
  • residents in this level of care must meet specific care criteria. One cannot plan for this level of care

6. Skilled Nursing Facilities/nursing homes (SNFs)

Provide 24 hour services of either skilled or custodial level of care. Provide room, board, substantial or total help with all levels of personal care, medication management, nursing treatments, monitoring, etc.

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